Are you ready to nourish yourself well through preconception, pregnancy, postpartum, and beyond?

Say “Hello” to happy, regular, pain-free periods, and optimized fertility!

“Bye-bye” fatigue, overwhelm, and fried nerves

“Peace out” one-size-fits all, negative self talk riddled approach to food and exercise

“What’s up?!” energy, mental clarity, stable mood, and stronger relationships

“Heck Yes” to a nourished pregnancy and postpartum season

Are You…

  • Longing for relief from life-disrupting symptoms like: brain fog, inflammation, fertility challenges, period problems, embarrassing acne, or the topsy turvy emotional rollercoaster ride that makes each moment feel like a game of “Guess Who?”

  • Overwhelmed from managing all the things, and struggling to maintain your sense of self?

  • Feeling isolated? Lacking community connection and wanting to put your well-being back on the priority list?

  • Ready to develop a deeper understanding and connection to your body’s monthly rhythms so that you can break free from, cyclical (or unending) hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings, digestive issues, brain-fog, fatigue, pelvic pain, irregular or absent menstrual cycles?

  • Searching for the roots of your symptoms, and frustrated from the lack of clarity from your care team?

  • Feeling depleted? Lacking the mental availability, and support to show for your life well?

  • Considering cautiously trying to conceive after the pain of loss, and/or fertility struggles?

  • Moving through a medically and/or emotionally complex pregnancy, and longing to support your mind and body well?

  • Preparing for birth and early parenthood?

  • Paralyzed by a cycle of negative self-talk, fear, and doubt, that leave you feeling stuck?

  • Desiring to regulate your cycle and support your overall long-term well-being, but at a loss for where to start?

I believe that too often we put a bandaid on top of a splinter, when we should grab some tweezers instead. In our time we begin to dig deeper into those little whispers (or loud siren calls) your body is sending. Together we will get to know your body and her cyclical nature, so that we can nourish her back to balance with EASE, because feeling better doesn’t have to be a struggle.

Your menstrual cycle, your mood, and health, don’t have to feel like this mysterious thing that happens to you.

You don’t have to move through these seasons of transition , or your journey to motherhood alone.

You deserve support.

Community gives us a solid foundation To ground down into, and a safety net in which to land.

The foundations of Hormone Ease are built on-

  • Mindful movement WITH your body instead of against it, to honor and amplify your energy all month long, and through each season of life

  • Self care practices to calm the nervous system to help your body feel safe

  • Body Literacy education to help you get to know and nourish your body on a deeper level

  • Quick and Easy food options that support each phase of your cycle and life (including through preconception, pregnancy, postpartum, and beyond)!

  • Connection to resources and complimentary services along the way

  • And most importantly- Interconnected, Judgment-Free Support! A warm, loving community, of women who get you, encouraging you to come as you are, each step of the way!

Core Components:

  • Initial 1:1 45 minute consultation

  • Daily accountability and community in a private Voxer group

  • Weekly membership calls in community with Anna, that hold space for your story and heart

  • Quarterly Guest Speakers brought into our membership calls, based on members interests

  • Regularly updated resource library filled with menu planning inspo, pre-recorded movement practices, nutrition education, mindfulness + journaling prompts, meditations, routine building support for implementing your ease-y lifestyle shifts

  • Personalized testing, supplementation, complimentary support recommendations

  • Access to deeply discounted group classes at Nurture Nashville Yoga

How the Hormone Ease Membership Works:

I’m here to help you get to know and nourish your fertility, pregnancy, postpartum, and overall well-being through:

  1. Community- this is your safe place to land and share your story as you move through healing and big life transitions, we talk through all the things that make you, YOU! (Relationships, finances, work/home-life balance, food, physical activity, daily routines, self-talk, motivation, all the things! Because it’s all connected!)

  2. Body Literacy- understand the phases of your menstrual cycle and all four trimesters of pregnancy, demystify dysfunction to mitigate symptoms, learn to move with your body, and create an empowering mindset

  3. Root Cause Approach- Heal your gut, stabilize your blood sugar (and mood!) and reduce physical + emotional stressors on your body through nutrition, mindfulness practices, and routine building for lifestyle management, release inflammation by decreasing endocrine disruptors and toxic load


If you are planning to grow your family after enduring pregnancy or infant loss, or fertility challenges, you know

there aren’t adequate words to describe the multitude of feelings this journey brings up.

There’s anger, worry, and grief commingling with quiet anticipation, even hope...

Waiting for a positive test month after month, wondering what gives, or what to do next, sucks.

What I can say is help, helps.

We weren’t meant to do this alone.

Plus there are actionable steps you can take to improve your odds while walking this road together, with a group of women that get it.

It’s time for a strategic evidence-based approach that takes into account you, your story, and your specific challenges.

In our time together you’ll:

  1. Enjoy a Safe Place to Share Your Fertility Story

  2. Gain Body Literacy: Get to Know Your Individual Cycle, Fertility Markers, and Symptoms of Imbalance

  3. Demystify Dysfunction: Decode and Heal Through Personalized Lifestyle Management Shifts

  4. Crowd Out Environmental Toxins and Internal Stress through Strategic Self-Care Practices

  5. Empower Your Nutrition: Simple Fertility Focused Menu Planning to Decrease Inflammation, Balance Blood Sugar, and Increase Conception Odds

  6. Move with the Flow: Movement for Each Phase of Your Cycle

  7. Explore All the Feels: Connection to Your Partner, Emotional Reflection, and Embracing Your Dynamic Body

  8. Access to Lab Testing Information, Building Your Care Team, and Complimentary Service Resources

What Others Are Saying…

Pregnancy + Postparum

Pregnancy is filled with unknowns.

You are growing a new little life, and your body is changing each and every day.

Things can easily feel out of your control, but knowing what to eat and how best to move to build your baby, while supporting your overall well-being, doesn’t have to be one of them.

In the postpartum season your routine and hormones are in a natural state of flux. You are healing from trauma, and coping with the mental and physical stress of your shifting schedule, as you care for your little one.

If you don't pour in the nutrients, sleep, and support you need for a healthy recovery, your hormones are likely to become out-of-balance.

This can lead to mood swings and feelings of overwhelm, anger, and sadness, chronic achiness, headaches, hair loss, constant fatigue, and digestive issues.

The Hormone Ease Membership Community provides you with the essential keys to nourishing your mind and body well throughout pregnancy and postpartum. You’ll learn:

  1. The key nutrients and movements to incorporate to nourish yourself through each trimester of your pregnancy and create your nourished 4th trimester postpartum recovery plan

  2. How to feed your family and yourself well simply. No more complicated recipes or spending hours over a hot stove chopping, stirring, and sautéing! Discover a healthy, satisfying, stress-free approach to meals for pregnancy + postpartum that supports your energy, digestion, and mood

  3. Unlock the tools for managing cravings, aversions, nausea, and heartburn

  4. Support around feeding your baby- breast and bottle feeding resources, nutrients for improving lactation, and navigating baby’s first foods

  5. Functional movement to reduce hip and back discomfort while supporting your core and pelvic floor for birth prep and recovery

  6. How to help your body feel safe with mindfulness practices to create calm in pregnancy and postpartum ease

What Others Are  Saying…


Your body is communicating with you each and everyday about what it needs, and what’s happening within.

Sometimes these messages are whispers and others they’re a siren blasting for your attention.

If you’re feeling frustrated by disruptive shifts in your mood, digestion, skin, energy, or menstrual cycle, and wondering how to fix it and get back to balance + feel good, in a way that is actually realistic in your busy life, the Hormone Ease Membership is for you.

The truth is when you get to know your body, and support her well through strategic lifestyle shifts, balancing your hormones is a natural side effect.

That’s why I practice holistic health, to help you get to the root of your body’s messages, and empower you to create the small shifts it takes, to nourish her back to balance. We’ll talk about:

  • The warning signs of poor digestion and symptoms of hormonal imbalance and how to decode and demystify the messages from your body

  • Education around common concerns like endometriosis, polycystic ovarian syndrome, thyroid dysfunction

  • Simple stress reducing shifts to help you feel at ease and comfortable throughout your cycle

  • Creating a sustainable routine with room for your well-being

  • Quick & easy food + movement + mindfulness to help you take back the reins, and support your body back to balance

All held in the container of COMMUNITY support.

How Does This Work?

If you are ready to get to know + nourish your Hormone Ease let's chat!

If you're on the fence, wondering ..."should I spend money on myself right now” or "can't I do this on my own?," or "I don’t really think I have time to commit to anything else”

I hear you!

Your concerns are valid. And that’s exactly why:

* If you’ve been dealing with crappy periods, unstable moods, a wonky metabolism, or fertility challenges for a while now, you’ve probably tried a few things (like diets, supplements, exercises, etc) to help yourself. BUT for some reason, it never feels like enough.

Trying to “stick with it“ on your own, leaves you stuck in a vicious cycle of feeling defeated, lost, overwhelmed, and depleted.

This membership will give you community and accountability, and a new approach to help you dig to the roots of imbalance and nourish your individual mind and body well! No more “one size fits all,” no more isolation, no more depriving yourself, we’ve got your back!

* We are busy everyday and always, that’s why learning to build time for yourself into your daily routine is a foundational element this membership provides. Our weekly calls are about an hour, and I encourage you to join us for at least two a month. Implementing what we talk about takes about 15 minutes a day, with options to add in more time for you or less when you can!

I have openings for complimentary calls if you are wondering if this is for you. We can chat through your goals and concerns to see if joining us is a good fit for you right now.


- Join the membership for $97/month

- 3 months minimum (long enough to implement shifts and see the progress they create), then month to month thereafter

- your membership renews automatically every 30 days by autopay to your card on file

- once your monthly membership fee has been charged, it can't be refunded

- to CANCEL/END, email 30 days before your next billing date

- to PAUSE/FREEZE email 30 days before your next billing date & let us know what date you want to restart

- Your membership will automatically restart on the date you set.

- if you wish to UNPAUSE sooner than anticipated, just let us know & we'll adjust that for you.

What it is not:

  • A workout program

  • Diet/Cleanse

  • Restriction or deprivation

  • Quick fix or Bandaid

  • One-size-fits-all

The Structure:

The Voxer group and your resource library are always there for you to ensure you have the support you need between sessions.

If you would like to take advantage of live group classes (in addition to the precorded classes in your resource library) at a steeply discounted rate at Nurture Nashville email

Our membership meetings happen weekly (with scheduling shifts made for holidays)-

Wednesdays 12:30pm CST

HE Pregnancy + Postpartum

Wednesdays 6:00pm CST

HE Beyond: Women’s Health Happy Hour

Wednesdays at 7:30pm CST

HE Preconception Prep

Mondays 5pm-5:45pm CST

Drop-in Movement Mondays (open to all HE members)


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