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Pleasurable Periods + Optimal Fertility + Nourished Pregnancy, Postpartum, and Beyond!

Does Your Body Have Something to Say?

She’s actually sending you messages all the time.

Telling you when things are good…

You know those days when you’re happy, full of energy, pain-free, and clear headed

When things are off these messages come in like a siren blasting for your attention.

You may experience fatigue, PMS, irregular/absent menstrual cycles, blood sugar imbalance (feeling shaky or hangry between meals), night sweats, hair loss, pelvic pain, and digestive issues (bloating, constipation, diarrhea, food sensitivities, or abdominal pain)

OR mental and emotional cues like mood swings, or brain fog.

Too often we put a band aid on a splinter, when we should grab some tweezers instead.

These symptoms you’re enduring, are messages from your body, asking you for extra loving care.

That’s why I practice holistic health to help you get to the root of your body’s messages, and empower you to create the small shifts it takes, to nourish her back to balance..

Because you deserve better than a short term fix.

You deserve to a path forward to healing and a hand to hold along the way.

What Others Are Saying...

“Anna Is Supportive, Patient, Knowledgable, Encouraging, easy to talk to, caring and friendly. I would recommend her to anyone looking to make a change that needs support. ~Lauren

Anna was able to help me work toward my goals by providing tools to manage my work and family life challenges. I have been able to find a balance, to find a way to be enjoy and be grateful for what I have. I am also able to create healthy meal plans for my family. Anna is caring and patient, and I would recommend her to someone that needs someone to hold them accountable. ~Lisa

Pleasurable Periods

If you’re feeling frustrated by disruptive shifts in your mood, digestion, skin, energy, or menstrual cycle, you are in the right place.

Cycle irregularities, inflammation, monthly (or unending) painful symptoms, brain fog, embarrassing acne, or the topsy turvy emotional rollercoaster ride that makes each moment feel like a game of Guess Who…

Ugh! I’m not gonna deal with that, and you shouldn’t either.

The truth is when you get to know your body, and support her well through strategic lifestyle shifts, balancing your hormones is a natural side effect.

The GOOD NEWS is you can feel comfortable in your own skin the WHOLE month long, you can keep the people you love close without fear of outbursts, or needing to hide away due to uncomfortable physical symptoms or anxiety.

Plus, nourishing your hormones back to health doesn’t have to be complex or hard, and it doesn’t mean you have to buy a boatload of supplements, move through invasive or expensive maneuvers, or change everything you do everyday.

Small manageable shifts make a deep impact.

If you want help making this real making this real in your life, you are in the right place.

Feeling better doesn’t have to be a struggle. Your menstrual cycle doesn’t have to feel like this mysterious thing that happens to you.

It’s time to follow your body’s clues, get to the roots, and put you back in the driver's seat of optimizing your well-being.

In your confidential complimentary call we’ll dive into the:

  • Symptoms of hormonal imbalance and how to hear + understand what your body is trying to tell you

  • Simple stress reducing shifts to help you feel at ease moving with your cycle

  • Quick & easy food + movement + mindfulness to help you take back the reins, and support your body back to pleasure

Together we’ll identify and decode messages from your body together, so that you can hop off the hormonal rollercoaster ride, address the roots of imbalance, and enjoy pleasurable periods!

What Others Are Saying…

“Before our work together, I was breaking out a lot, waking up a lot at night, overall in a funk. Now I have felt more like “me,” more consistently. I learned that my body was having a difficult time getting rid of estrogen efficiently, and foods to incorporate in my luteal phase to help my body detoxify. Keeping track of my cycle more diligently, has allowed me to notice when food is impacting my mood, or hormones, or something else I need to address. I have gotten to know my body better, and how to nourish it better.” ~Emily O.

Optimizing Fertility

You know something is off.

You’ve watched as every fertile Myrtle conceives with ease, and you’re still over here month after month wondering when it’s your turn.

You’ve probably been trying some things on your own for a while, like supplementation or charting, and gotten some useless advice like, “just relax,” try this “shake,” or “give it time”

Maybe you’ve endured the heartbreaking pain of pregnancy, or infant loss, and are ready to dip your toe in the water of trying again.

Or maybe your body is showing you something is off through disruptive symptoms,

Or you’ve had some testing done…

The GOOD NEWS is there are a few things you can focus on to improve your odds.

  1. Improve your egg quality and ovarian environment. (By reducing endocrine disruptors and toxicity, you can preserve your fertility and support proper hormonal function.)

  2. Getting to know you. Building body awareness through charting your cycle, testing your hormone levels, and checking in with your anatomy, can be a really fantastic place to start when it comes to discovering how to best support your cycle, and nourish your body.

  3. Nutrition + Movement + Mindfulness for each specific phase of your cycle. Did you know that there are foods, exercises, and practices that you can incorporate in each phase of your cycle to create the optimal conditions for healing, balance, and conception? I’ll show you how!

I’m here because I’ve been there. As a loss and rainbow mama, I know that growing your family after loss or, fertility challenges, can feel so overwhelming, isolating, and downright terrifying at times.

Without a roadmap and a guide, you’re left to the mercy of doctor google, information overload, or bouncing from provider to provider. The lack of answers and playing the waiting game becomes exhausting fast!

Listen, we weren’t meant to do this alone. You deserve a personalized, strategic road map, and hand-holding support through the journey.

In your confidential complimentary consultation, I’ll hold space for you to share your story, goals, life, and routine. You’ll walk away with actionable tools to expedite your healing,  balance your hormones with ease, and move towards your family’s growth.

What Other’s Are Saying…

The major change has been fertility. After a few months of changing my diet, and finding things that are for me, that help alleviate stress, we are now pregnant. The other thing is being open to new foods that have increased my energy. I’m also more calm during my day. ~Isabel H.

I’m 21 weeks pregnant today! It’s helped me learn to listen to my cues, and have healthier options that weren’t chips or ice cream. ~Aubrey M.

Nourished Pregnancy, Postpartum, and Beyond

Life is full of seasons that ask different levels of your energy, time, resources, and body’s reserves.

In pregnancy, building baby asks your body for sustained blood sugar, a variety of nutrient dense fuel options, slower moving fluid joints, and ample emotional support. If you have a history of complex pregnancies, losses, or infertility challenges, your heart and mind crave a sense of stability and control. Nourishing yourself well here, could offer you a deeper connection with your baby and the people in your life, a reduced risk of pregnancy complications, a more physically comfortable pregnancy, ease in postpartum recovery, and a calmer more enjoyable experience overall.

Once there’s a new baby in the mix, moving through lack of sleep, new demands on your attention, hormonal fluctuations, only one hand to feed yourself, and a body that feels so foreign, it’s easy to feel like there’s no time to catch your breath. Often after the 6 week appointment the safety net feels like it’s been pulled out from under us. Surrounding yourself with the support you need in this season, can reduce your risk of postpartum mood challenges, expedite your healing, improve your connection with your baby and partner, build up your confidence and strength, plus fuel your hormonal balance and gut health to help you avoid bigger issues down the road.

Beyond pregnancy and the early parenting days, when energy is non existent, brain fog, inflammation, pain and digestive health issues rear their ugly heads, having a guide to help you get to know and nourish your body back to health can be the difference between surviving and thriving.

My work with clients takes a holistic approach based on the understanding of the mind-body connection. We know gut health, hormonal imbalances, metabolism, and routine management go hand in hand with our mood, mental health, and relationships with the people in our lives.

As a busy woman, wife, and toddler mom, I understand that your plate is full, and spare time is limited. Personalized hand-holding support offers you strategic guidance, a soft place to land, and nourishing tools for your toolbox as you navigating each season.

If you are relying on caffeine and sugar to make it through the day,

if food sensitivities are coming out of nowhere,

if your metabolism could use a pick me up,  

if you’re ready to create a routine that leaves room for your well-being,

if you are building baby and desire to nourish yourself well through each trimester

or you are moving through the challenges of  parenting your little love,

if you’d like personalized support in your movement routine and menu to help you reach those goals in a way that actually takes into account the season of life you are in,

Schedule your complimentary consultation today and discover nourishing, grounded support, to help manage the demands of each transition with ease.

What Others Are Saying…

You truly DID create a safe space for me… A safe nonjudgmental space for me to really share honestly what was going on in my space. I’m blown away and really thankful for you! I love that you continue to encourage and believe that I’m in the drivers seat. I love your perspective because it really ALIGNS with what I believe, which is that you are respecting the persons choice and their ability to choose decide and take ownership of their life. That made me feel safe too! I’m still taking ownership of this process and you are there to support and guide. I also love that you acknowledged my fear, and that it’s normal to feel fear. It was so helpful to process out the noise, so that I can tune into deep down and where I’m at! THANK YOU ANNA! ~Lisa E.

Hi! I’m Anna,

I happen to be really great at helping busy women when the craziness of life affects their bodies, throwing their hormones + gut health out of whack, or those who are ready to start or grow their families, utilizing the tools of my training as a Certified Holistic Health Coach and Yoga Teacher.

As a loss and rainbow mama, my personal journey to health and motherhood led me to my work partner with women like you.

So whether you’re seeking support around your hormonal health (infertility, PCOS, endometriosis, estrogen dominance, thyroid, hashimoto’s, adrenal fatigue); gut health (candida, food sensitivities, ibs/ibd, blood sugar management); or creating a healthier, happier, more connected you; I know you’ll find healing and hope here.

It fills my heart to hold space for you, and help you get to know and nourish your hormonal + overall health. Our work together increases your energy, and decreases your stress, balances your hormones through simple, sustainable lifestyle shifts, mindfulness, movement, and nutrition.

What Others Are Saying…

“I was living on pizza and cereal... Total revamp of how I look at life, and how I look at food, and where I find my peace and joy. I lost 51 pounds. I sleep better. I have more energy. My joints don't hurt. I appreciate you helping to get me where I am healthy and happy again!" ~Shannon C.

"I have found a better way to motivate myself... the best ways to get my nutrition. I think this is for everybody, from healthy the the middle: who know what to do, but need the kick to do it! Your support, and your kindness, and the way you were willing to find answers to my questions, or even things I hadn't thought of... I just really recommend you to anyone!"  ~Christina F.


Sometimes, you just need the right tools…


Fill your toolbox full of quick and easy self care tools that ground you. Clients enjoy an ever growing library of journaling, prompts, breathing exercises, meditations, mantras, as well as 5 minute self care check in suggestions, to help you de-stress.


Nourish your well-being with ease! No one likes complicated recipes, or standing over a hot stove for hours on end. That’s why, I’ve created a library of simple, hearty, recipes to amplify your energy and healing for the pickiest of eaters, that even a partner can make. Clients enjoy practical menu planning support to nurture each phase of your cycle, pregnancy, postpartum, and beyond, that fits into every dietary need, and your everyday life.


Move with each phase of your cycle. Incorporating HIIT, strength training in the high energy follicular and ovulatory phases, and walking, yoga, and restorative exercises as your hormones and energy decrease in the luteal and menstrual phases to capitalize on your natural energy, and support hormone balance. Clients receive a variety of movement practices curated to each phase, and season of life you are in.

Are you ready to optimize your hormones + nourish your pregnancy, postpartum, and beyond?

Then the hormone ease membership was designed for YOU!

Hop in and take a look around.

We’d love to welcome you there.

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