Pleasurable Periods

If you’re feeling frustrated by disruptive shifts in your mood, digestion, skin, energy, or menstrual cycle, you are in the right place.

Cycle irregularities, inflammation, monthly (or unending) painful symptoms, brain fog, embarrassing acne, or the topsy turvy emotional rollercoaster ride that makes each moment feel like a game of Guess Who…

Ugh! I’m not gonna deal with that, and you shouldn’t either.

The truth is when you get to know your body, and support her well through strategic lifestyle shifts, balancing your hormones is a natural side effect.

The GOOD NEWS is you can feel comfortable in your own skin the WHOLE month long, you can keep the people you love close without fear of outbursts, or needing to hide away due to uncomfortable physical symptoms or anxiety.

Plus, nourishing your hormones back to health doesn’t have to be complex or hard, and it doesn’t mean you have to buy a boatload of supplements, move through invasive or expensive maneuvers, or change everything you do everyday.

Small manageable shifts make a deep impact.

If you want help making this real making this real in your life, you are in the right place.

What Others Are Saying…

“Before our work together, I was breaking out a lot, waking up a lot at night, overall in a funk. Now I have felt more like “me,” more consistently. I learned that my body was having a difficult time getting rid of estrogen efficiently, and foods to incorporate in my luteal phase to help my body detoxify. Keeping track of my cycle more diligently, has allowed me to notice when food is impacting my mood, or hormones, or something else I need to address. I have gotten to know my body better, and how to nourish it better.” ~Emily O.

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