Nourished Pregnancy, Postpartum, and Beyond

Life is full of seasons that ask different levels of your energy, time, resources, and body’s reserves.

In pregnancy, building baby asks your body for sustained blood sugar, a variety of nutrient dense fuel options, slower moving fluid joints, and ample emotional support. If you have a history of complex pregnancies, losses, or infertility challenges, your heart and mind crave a sense of stability and control. Nourishing yourself well here, could offer you a deeper connection with your baby and the people in your life, a reduced risk of pregnancy complications, a more physically comfortable pregnancy, ease in postpartum recovery, and a calmer more enjoyable experience overall.

Once there’s a new baby in the mix, moving through lack of sleep, new demands on your attention, hormonal fluctuations, only one hand to feed yourself, and a body that feels so foreign, it’s easy to feel like there’s no time to catch your breath. Often after the 6 week appointment the safety net feels like it’s been pulled out from under us. Surrounding yourself with the support you need in this season, can reduce your risk of postpartum mood challenges, expedite your healing, improve your connection with your baby and partner, build up your confidence and strength, plus fuel your hormonal balance and gut health to help you avoid bigger issues down the road.

Beyond pregnancy and the early parenting days, when energy is non existent, brain fog, inflammation, pain and digestive health issues rear their ugly heads, having a guide to help you get to know and nourish your body back to health can be the difference between surviving and thriving.

My work with clients takes a holistic approach based on the understanding of the mind-body connection. We know gut health, hormonal imbalances, metabolism, and routine management go hand in hand with our mood, mental health, and relationships with the people in our lives.

As a busy woman, wife, and mama, I understand that your plate is full, and spare time is limited. Personalized hand-holding support offers you strategic guidance, a soft place to land, and nourishing tools for your toolbox as you navigating each season.

If you are relying on caffeine and sugar to make it through the day,

if food sensitivities are coming out of nowhere,

if your metabolism could use a pick me up,  

if you’re ready to create a routine that leaves room for your well-being,

if you are building baby and desire to nourish yourself well through each trimester

or you are moving through the challenges of  parenting your little love,

if you’d like personalized support in your movement routine and menu to help you reach those goals in a way that actually takes into account the season of life you are in,

Schedule your complimentary consultation today and discover nourishing, grounded support, to help manage the demands of each transition with ease.

You truly DID create a safe space for me… A safe nonjudgmental space for me to really share honestly what was going on in my space. I’m blown away and really thankful for you! I love that you continue to encourage and believe that I’m in the drivers seat. I love your perspective because it really ALIGNS with what I believe, which is that you are respecting the persons choice and their ability to choose decide and take ownership of their life. That made me feel safe too! I’m still taking ownership of this process and you are there to support and guide. I also love that you acknowledged my fear, and that it’s normal to feel fear. It was so helpful to process out the noise, so that I can tune into deep down and where I’m at! THANK YOU ANNA! ~Lisa E.

One happy customer


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