Optimizing Fertility

You know something is off.

You’ve watched as every fertile Myrtle conceives with ease, and you’re still over here month after month wondering when it’s your turn.

You’ve probably been trying some things on your own for a while, like supplementation or charting, and gotten some useless advice like, “just relax,” try this “shake,” or “give it time”

Maybe you’ve endured the heartbreaking pain of pregnancy, or infant loss, and are ready to dip your toe in the water of trying again.

Or maybe your body is showing you something is off through disruptive symptoms,

Or you’ve had some testing done…

The GOOD NEWS is there are a few things you can focus on to improve your odds.

  1. Improve your egg quality and ovarian environment. (By reducing endocrine disruptors and toxicity, you can preserve your fertility and support proper hormonal function.)

  2. Getting to know you. Building body awareness through charting your cycle, testing your hormone levels, and checking in with your anatomy, can be a really fantastic place to start when it comes to discovering how to best support your cycle, and nourish your body.

  3. Nutrition + Movement + Mindfulness for each specific phase of your cycle. Did you know that there are foods, exercises, and practices that you can incorporate in each phase of your cycle to create the optimal conditions for healing, balance, and conception? I’ll show you how!

I’m here because I’ve been there. As a loss and rainbow mama, I know that growing your family after loss or, fertility challenges, can feel so overwhelming, isolating, and downright terrifying at times.

Without a roadmap and a guide, you’re left to the mercy of doctor google, information overload, or bouncing from provider to provider. The lack of answers and playing the waiting game becomes exhausting fast!

Listen, we weren’t meant to do this alone. You deserve a personalized, strategic road map, and hand-holding support through the journey.

In your confidential complimentary consultation, I’ll hold space for you to share your story, goals, life, and routine. You’ll walk away with actionable tools to expedite your healing,  balance your hormones with ease, and move towards your family’s growth.

What Other’s Are Saying…

The major change has been fertility. After a few months of changing my diet, and finding things that are for me, that help alleviate stress, we are now pregnant. The other thing is being open to new foods that have increased my energy. I’m also more calm during my day. ~Isabel H.

I’m 21 weeks pregnant today! It’s helped me learn to listen to my cues, and have healthier options that weren’t chips or ice cream. ~Aubrey M.

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